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About Us

The UP for Sport scheme establishes routes for staff and students to share their existing sporting skills by setting up appropriate volunteer coaching opportunities. Volunteers are encouraged to undertake appropriate National Governing Body coaching and officiating awards, thereby gaining formal qualifications as a result of their coaching activities.


  • To utilise the coaching potential of students in a way which benefits and builds links with the local community. Establish the role of the university within the community.
  • Increasing sporting opportunity both within the university and the community.


Engage with local community:

To establish and develop links with community groups and give members of the community the opportunity to access the university sports facilities.

Sports Development

Support sports development within Portsmouth, identify and help fill gaps in sports provision and provide competitive opportunities where appropriate.

Coaching and Leadership

To develop leadership, coaching and officiating programmes to help staff and students gain appropriate skills and qualifications to enhance their future role within the sporting community.

Raising aspirations:

Deliver aspiration-raising activities to disadvantaged groups in the community


Child Protection Policy Statement

The Up for Sport scheme has a duty of care to safeguard all children participating in Up for Sport activities from harm. We will ensure the safety and protection of all children through adherence to the Child Protection guidelines we have adopted.

Download full Child Protection Policy document.